Freelance journalist since 2016, born in Rome in 1988. Graduated in “Publishing and journalism” he is also a photographer and a video-maker. After training in the editorial staff of the Italian magazine Nigrizia, he then chose the reporter’s path to tell stories from the field as a direct witness to the facts. He lived for one year in Lyon, France and two years in Mozambique where he worked as the south Africa correspondent for different media and Italian press agencies. He considers himself as an adventurer curious of the world. He is madly in love with Africa and with its population where he realized the biggest part of his reportages, but he is also interested to the discover of everything related to developing countries. A passion that brought him in Asia and Middle East. He aims to the type of journalism in which the reporter doesn’t look for his/her personal glory, but remains blurred in the background. For him who tells a story is a witness who search to interpret the complexity of the world through the human being, the only real protagonists. He realized written, photograph and video project about humanitarian crisis, conflicts, policy, society and climate changes, collaborating with different international media.