Kaadar is structure, context but also “frame”( the video’ single image) in wolof, the native language of Senegal, but also of Gambia and parts of Mauritania, Guinea, Mali and Guinea-Bissau. In the frame the operator and the instrument become a mean for a more vivid and immediate representation. The discover, the analysis and the description of every image element through an eye that reproduce a mosaic rich of stories, existences, worlds.


In his motto “Film, Shape, Empower” Kaadar starts from the artistic and visual approach to achieve its mission.

Through the video language, the NGO aims to form the beneficiaries in order to give them the necessary means for face, in an independent, creative and reactive way, the world that surrounded them.


More voices, able to transmit stories in an original way, mean giving shape to the society, fuelling culture and information. Hence a more awareness society able to take meditated decision and less subject to external influences.


At the substantial decrease of newspaper sales and at difficult of traditional media encountered in the last decades, the web gain more space. The smartphones now enter in every house of the world and the informative way has been modified.


The video is the main and essential instrument.


Knowing how to handle video production means having an impact on an audience that is increasing globally. A further possibility of connection, but also a way to expire ancient clichés.


Our goal is to disseminate the theoretical and technical tools necessary for the realization of audio-visual contents that disseminate information, culture and therefore awareness and development.
By providing state-of-the-art skills and skills that can be applied by simple and immediate means, we are convinced that original ideas can be best appreciated.



In the African continent there are already numerous modern and professional audio-visual production realities in the field of information and in the cinema, but they still remain limited to the large and richest urban centers of some countries.
Learning the skills needed to develop content in this field is therefore still limited to a few individuals. Kaadar has the ambition to be a means of dissemination of photographic and video making knowledge even in the most disadvantaged and isolated territories, promoting creativity, original ideas and strengthening existing structures. Our operational focus is the region of West Africa, but the entire continent remains the target of the mission.


There is no age or gender when it comes to ideas and creativity.  The recipients of our training activities are all those who want to have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to create audio-visual contents applicable in various fields: from journalism, to cooperation, passing through the artistic expression, to the enhancement of micro-entrepreneurship.


As reported by Reporters sans frontières (RSF), despite a substantial improvement over the past few years, 49 journalists were killed around the world in 2019, while 389 are currently in prison and 57 are held hostage.


Doing information is therefore a dangerous profession, even if it is necessary for the development of a country. According to the 2019 RSF Report on Freedom of Information, various realities currently exist on the African continent: from free publications to contexts in which any independent media has been silenced.


Kaadar aims to help the single aspiring filmakers, activists, aid workers and reporters to widespread their ideas and to tell their social reality.